Cultural Facilities

Cultural Facilities

:One of Hirakata’s city slogans is “Hirakata aims at being a culturally wealthy city”. To achieve this purpose, Hirakata has several cultural facilities and public spaces for voluntary activities.


Hirakata Kagiya History Museum

Hirakata Kagiya History Museum displays materials and tools relating to Hirakata Shuku (Posting Station). Furthermore, Kagiya holds special events such as Daichakai (tea party) once a month and hosts special lectures about Hirakata’s history. The reception desk located on the ground floor sells Hirakata’s local goods and books.

Opening hours: 9:30a.m. ~ 17:30p.m. (The reception desk closes at 16:30p.m.)

Close: Tuesdays. If Tuesday is a bank holiday, the museum opens. The next day (Wednesday) is close instead.


Access: It is a 10-minute walk from Keihan Hirakata Koen Station.