Bin Collection

Bin Collection

Starting to live in Hirakata City, you will have to learn a way of throwing away household rubbishes. Burnable rubbishes are collected twice a week. The collection of recycable rubbish such as bottles and glassewares are twice a week, and plastic products are once a week. To throw away your rubbishes properly, please check when rubbishes are collected in your residential area. You can check the collection schedule through the city guidebook and HCH’s website.

How to throw away house rubbishes

1. Put the rubbishes into a transparent or semi-transparent bin bag (up to a 45-liter bag)

2. Take the bag to a space for bin collection


If you want to throw away oversized rubbishes….

Oversized rubbishes are collected once a month. Firstly, you need to book the collection of them by phone or on the HCH’s website. If it is the first time to request the collection of oversized rubbishes, the web application cannot be used. Please call Reservation Centre for Oversized Rubbish (0120-66-8153). If you have a visual impairment, please use FAX (0120-37-8153).

How to throw away oversized rubbishes

Step1. Call 0120-66-8153 or Access to the Online Reservation page

Step2.  Purchase a bin collection ticket for an oversized rubbish at a store. An operator of Reservation Centre will tell you how many tickets you need to purchase.

Step3. Write your name, home address, and phone number on a tag.

Step4. Label the bin collection ticket and the tag on the oversized rubbish.