8 Views & City Character

8 Views & City Character

Hirakata’s 8 view spots

Hirakata has got a lot of nice view spots. Particularly, Hirakata City Hall designates the following eight sceneries as Hirakata’s 8 view spots; Four Seasons of Yodagawa River, Forest in Ex-Kuzuha no Miya, Cherry blossoms in Makino, Full Moon from Yamadaike, Summit of Kunimiyama, Pine Wind in the ruin of Kudaraji, Grovy Shade in Mannenji, and The Avenue of Kori Danchi.

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Hirakata’s City Character: Hikoboshi kun

Hikoboshikun             Hikoboshikun2

Hikoboshi kun is one of main characters in the tale of Tanabata. To advertise Hirakata City all over the world, Hikoboshi kun keeps on PR activities.

Brief Profile

Name: Hikoboshi kun

Birthday: August 1st

Fiancee: Orihime chan (Katano’s industrial promotion character)

Friends: Kurawanko, Hiranyanko

Favourite spots: Hirakata’s 8 spots

Hobby: Star watching

Character: Romantic and friendly