What is Hirakata City?

What is Hirakata City?


Hirakata Map
Hirakata Map

Hirakata is located in the eastern area of Osaka prefecture. Its population is about 410,000.

Hirakata is one of cities of the Kitakawachi area which consists of Moriguchi City, Kadoma City, Neyagawa City, Daito City, Shijyonawate City, Katano City, and Hirakata City.


Brief History

Although nobody knows why the area was called Hirakata, its name was already introduced in “Nihonshoki” and “Harimakoku Fudoki” that were edited in the Nara period (the 8th century).

In the Edo period (1603 ~ 1868), Hirakata developed as “Shukuba Machi” (a post station town) in Kyokaido (the Kyo Way). “Shuku” that was set up in primary routes had to offer horses to transporters for carrying Tokugawa Shogunate’s or Daimyo‘s messengers and parcels.

Many travellers and transporters used Kyokaido connecting to Tokaido (the Tokai Way) in order to go to Osaka or Kyoto. Hirakata was called “Hirakata Shuku” and got a popularity as one of the important post station towns in Kyokaido. In Hirakata Shuku, there were a lot of inns (Hatago) for travellers and merchants, and restaurants and take-away shops called “Niuriya“. 

Kagiya is currently used as the Hirakata’s history museum.

Kagiya” was one of Niuriyas in Hirakata Shuku. In the 19th century, Kagiya started to run an inn for sailors and was used by many sailors and passengers of “Sanjyukkokubune“. 

Sanjyukkokubune” was a 4.5 tons boat to carry passengers to destinations.


After Meiji Restoration in 1868, 37 villages were reorganised into 1 town (Hirakata Cho)and 9 villages. Furthermore, they were reorganised several times. Finally, current Hirakata City was born in 1955. 


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