Past News

Past News

Hirakata Katano Amanogawa Tourism Stamp Rally Game

Amanogawa Tourism Opening Event 2016

Date: July 2nd to October 30th

To boost Hirakata’s and Katano’s tourism promotion more and more, a stamp rally game is been held in Hirakata & Katano. If collecting more than 3 stamps in the two cities, you can have a chance to get a brilliant present. A challenge sheet is available at Hirakata’s and Katano’s city coucil offices, and each game spot.

For futher information about Hirakata Katano Amanogawa Tourism Stamp Rally Game, click Here.


Useful Town Guidebook Available Now


North Osaka Chamber of Commerce has published a town guidebook titled “Machiaruki Guide Book”. The guidebook introduces travel spots, restaurants, and grocery stores in Hirakata City, Neyagawa City, and Katano City.

If showing this guidebook at the introduced shops, furthermore, you can receive special services such as discount.

The town guidebook is available at the introduced shops, each town hall office, and the branch officies of North Osaka Chamber of Commerce.

In Hirakata City, Hirakata City Hall (Main building 1F and Sun Plaza Office), HCH’s branch offices, and North Osaka Chamber of Commerce head office have a stock of the town guidebook.


Premium Shopping Tokens Available from August 1st in Hirakata


A premium shopping token book named “Hikoboshikun Premium Token” will be sold from August 1st in Hirakata. The token book consists of 12 vauchers and the price is 5000 JPY per book. In other words, it is worth for 6000 yen and the refund rate is 20% (1000yen).

The token book is available at 60 shops in Hirakata (See the shop list available only in Japanese). One person can buy up to 10 books. Hikoboshikun Premium Token can be used only in Hirakata from August 1st to October 31st.


15th Hirakata Paekche Festival tells you people’s life in ancient Hirakata


On May 9th, 15th Hirakata Paekche Festival will be held at Hirakata Okahigashi Central Park. In the festival, Korean and Japanese groups will show mucial performances and bandspersons who wear ancient Korean costumes will march from Kudarao Shrine to Okahigashi Central Park. Korean food stalls and event booths will be opened. The festival starts from 10:30a.m. The bandspersons begins to march from Kudarao Shrine at 10:15a.m.


Let’s Make Japanese Foods in a One-Day Cookery School!!


A one-day cookery school for foreigners will be held at Hirakata Civic Hall on February 28th. A Japanese chef shows you how to cook Japanese foods (Nabeyaki Udon and Hakusai no Yofuae). In the school, furthermore, you will try to make Udon from wheatmeal. To participate, you need to apply to Hirakata Foundation for Culture and International Exchange (HCI) in advance. For further information of the one-day cookery school, please contact HCI.
Hirakata Chrysanthemum Festival 2014



A chrysanthemum is one of the representative flowers of Hirakata City. A festival in which we can enjoy various chrysanthemums will be held from October 29th to November 17th in public spaces near Hirakata City Hall and Hirakata Park. Furthermore, inviting events such as Gorokuichi market and jazz concerts warm up the festival. It would be the best chance to enjoy Hirakata’s autumn.


Let’s Discover Hirakata’s Diversity at Hirakata Multicultural Festival

Hirakata Multicultural Festival 2014 is held at Okahigashi Central Park on October 4th. To understand the international diversity of Hirakata City, various events and performances are shown at the festival. You can also enjoy ethnic foods. For further information about Hirakata Multicultural Festival 2014, please call Hirakata Foundation for Culture and International Exchange.