Hirakata as an International City

Hirakata as an International City

In Hirakata, many foreign residents are living for study or work. Hirakata City Hall always strives to develop the city as an international-friendly city.

So far, Hirakata City concluded international sister city agreements with three areas; City of Logan (Australia), Changning District (China), and Yeongam County (Korea). Hirakata City accepted many envoys from those areas and strived to deepen the internationalisation of Hirakata City.

City of Logan (Australia)
City of Logan (Australia)
Yeongang County (Korea)
Yeongang County (Korea)







Hirakata Foundation for Cultural and International Exchange (HCI) established in 2004 plays a central role of the internationalisation of Hirakata City.

HCI’s Entrance. HCI is located on the 1st floor of Hirakata Civic Hall Office.

Hirakata Foundation for Culture and International Exchange

Open: (Tue. to Sat.) 9:00a.m. ~ 17:30p.m.

Close: Sundays, Mondays, Bank holidays, and New year Holiday

8 – 33 Okahigashimachi Hirakata City Osaka

Hirakata Civic Hall 1st floor

Phone: 072-843-1123

Fax: 072-845-1896

Email: info@hirabunkoku.or.jp

HCI has got staff members whose language competence is nearly that of native level. If having any problems in communicating with HCH’s officers, HCI helps you.


HCI’s missions and activities

HCI is working for the development of cultural and international activites in Hirakata and co-hosts various events with HCH. For example, in order to understand ethnic diversity of Hirakata, HCI holds a one-day cookery school for foreign residents and Hirakata Multicultural Festival every autumn. Furthermore, HCI organises international exchange events for those who come from sister cities. HCI always strives to deepen the friendship of Hirakata citizens and people in the world from a global perspective.