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Welcome to Hirakata Now

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Hirakata City Guidebook for Foreigners: We Love Hirakata

We Love Hirakata

Hirakta City Hall (HCH) publishes a city guidebook titled “We Love Hirakata” for foreign residents to learn daily life in Hirakata. The guidebook introduces what HCH can do for foreign residents and provides various information regarding school, bin collection, taxes, national pension and so on. It is written in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese.

You can obtain “We Love Hirakata” at HCH or Hirakata Fundation for Culture and International Exchange. Or, you can also download it from the HCH’s official website (PDF).

Please use the guidebook for your daily life in Hirakata.


A New City Pamphlet Available Now

City Pamphlet 2016

A new city pamphlet has been published on April 1st 2016. The pamphlet briefly introduces Hirakata’s town profiles, seasonal events, and social activities. Furthermore, the Japanese version contains special messages from the celebrities relating to Hirakata City. The pamphlet is available not only in Japanese but also in English, Chinese, and Korean.

You can obtain the pamphlet at Hirakata City Hall and city branch offices. If you want to download all types of the pamphlet. Click the following languages you want to read (Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean).


Hirakata Disaster Prevention Manual: How Can We Protect Ourselves from Natural Disasters?


Hirakata Disaster Prevention Manual titled “How Can We Protect Ourselves from Natural Disasters?” has been completed. The manual introduces what to do in natural disasters and how to evacuate to a local shelter. It is downloadable in a form of PDF. To download, please click here.


Hirakata News

Hirakata Shuku Tour for Foreigners

Hirakata Culture & Tourism Association (HCTA) is planning the Hirakata Shuku Tour for Foreigners on November 12th. In the tour, HCTA’s voluntary guides conduct you to historical & cultural spots relating to Hirakata Shuku. “Shuku” means a place where inns and restaurants gathered for postmen and tourists to have a break. Hirakata Shuku flourished as one of posting towns along the Kyokaido Road.

The tour visits Kagiya Museum, Jyonenji Temple, Honjin Ato (an accommodation for Samurai class), Shiokuma Shoten, and VIE. ORNER. You can touch on Hirakata’s medieval history through this tour. Furthermore, a flea market called “Goroku Ichi” and Jazz performances can be seen.

The participation fee is free.

HCTA can arrange voluntary tour guides whoes English or Chinese competence is a nealy native level.

To apply for the Hirakata Shuku Tour for Foreigners, please contact HCTA.

Hirakata Shuku Tour for Foreigners 2017

Date&Time: November 12th  10:00a.m.~12:00p.m.

Itinerary: Hirakata Koen Station → Kagiya Museum → Jyonenji Temple → Honjin Ato → Shiokuma Shoten → VIE. ORNER → Hirakata Kanko Station

※Please come to Hirakata Koen Station by 10:00a.m.

Hirakata Culture & Tourism Association

Tel: 072-804-0033  FAX: 072-804-0022

Email: association@hirakata-kanko.org

Close: Wednesday & Saturday


The Social Security and Tax Number System


The Social Security and Tax Number System starts from October 1st 2015. In this system, your 12-digit individual number is determined on October 5th and is informed to you by a paper notification.

For further information about the Social Security and Tax Number System, a new page has been opened (Click Here).


Free English, Chinese, and Korean Interpreter Service for Medical Needs Starts from June 2015

Hirakata City Hall has started a free interpreter service for foreigners who need medical care at hospitals and clinics. The service dispatches a voluntary interpreter who have has taken part in training programmes for a medical interpreter to a medical institution. To use the free interpreter service, apply at the medical institution where you see a doctor. For further information about the interpreter service, visit HCH’s website (Free Interpreter Service for Medical Needs) and a leaflet about the free interpreter service. The leaflet is available at Kenko Somuka located on the 2nd floor of the HCH’s annex building.